ASEAN Energy-Climate Nexus Study Tour
Wednesday, 24 Jan 2024







ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)

  • The ACCEPT II study tour, held from 5-11 November, 2023, in Norway, offered a comprehensive exploration of the energy-climate nexus, vital for ASEAN Member States (AMS) in their pursuit of a net-zero target by 2050. This initiative aligns with the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation Phase II, specifically focusing on the Regional Energy Policy and Planning. The Energy-Climate Nexus Study Tour to Norway underlines ASEAN’s journey towards a net zero future. 
  • The tour consists of insightful discussions and site visits to Norway’s advanced low-carbon energy technologies namely Klemetsrud Incineration Plant, Frøland Hydro Power Plant, Midtfjellet Windfarm, Equinor, the Northern Lights CCS Project, and CCB Energy Park. 
  • In summary, the ACCEPT II study tour was not just a series of visits but a well-curated experience that combined education, practical demonstrations, and discussions on the latest technologies and strategies in the energy-climate nexus. These discussions were not only centered on understanding the technologies and strategies presented but also on exploring their applicability and potential benefits for ASEAN countries. The participants, representing diverse AMS, brought unique perspectives to the table, fostering a rich dialogue on the feasibility, challenges, and expectations surrounding the adoption of these technologies in their respective countries

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