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Raising Public Awareness with integrated dissemination activities

Today, there are a lot of clean energy or climate change projects, however, ACCEPT remains as the project that integrates the energy and climate nexus. Drawing inspirations from the achievements of the ACCEPT Phase I, this new ACCEPT II project will develop a different dissemination strategy to have a unique product that will attract more stakeholders and help ASEAN’s energy transition towards low carbon energy system and a net zero future in the coming years.

To allow the project to make more impact, ACCEPT II is actively involve and participate in various public events as invited by other institutions to join the discussion about public awareness on energy-climate nexus. ACCEPT II will conduct detailed studies and publish thematic paper on energy-climate nexus and low carbon economy (Project Output 1.2). Moreover, the project will also collect, analyse and disseminate available energy-climate nexus studies through the platform built by ACCEPT I, the ASEAN Research Network on Energy and Climate Change (ARNECC) and its Research Database, Paper Talks, and academic conference. Such integration will prevent any potential overlap in studies and ensure that the project will fill in the crucial gaps in knowledge and capacity building of the AMS in moving towards a low-carbon economy.

ACCEPT II will also organize a webinar series on energy-climate nexus and net zero pathways to further raise public awareness. Moreover, the project will actively disseminate its perspectives on energy-climate nexus through Op-eds in traditional media, and build its profile on the energy-climate policy nexus in social media by actively communicate in its dedicated social media account, such as Twitter and Instagram (Project Output 3.2). This website is also developed as a platform to share project’s activities and updates on ASEAN’s energy policy towards climate change mitigation.

Noting the urgency of massive energy transformation in ASEAN, it needs a systematic change that values inclusion and equality in society. Many women have an awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Therefore, gender equality is a tool for ensuring just energy. With this backdrop, ACCEPT II will also aim to promote the importance of gender equality in the energy sector (Project Output 3.3).

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