For Indonesia, almost 85% of its total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2019 are attributed

to Land Use Change and Forestry and energy. On February 2024, Indonesia announced that it would submit

its newest NDC in August 2024, following the mandate of the Paris Agreement. 

Net Zero Target

2060 or sooner

Indonesia has diverse energy sources used in TPES. Traditional biomass and oil are the main sources of non-fossil fuel and fossil fuel types.

Oil is the main energy source used by the end users, followed by gas. Electricity in TFEC is only about 16%, which indicates that the grid-connected electrification in Indonesia is relatively low.

NDC Document

Source: UNFCCC NDC – Indonesia
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Indonesia has committed to reducing unconditionally 29% of its greenhouse gas emissions against the business-as-usual scenario by the year 2030. The BAU scenario is projected approximately 2,869 GtCO2eq in 2030 which is updated from the BAU scenario on the INDC due to the current condition of energy policy development in particular in coal-fired power plants.

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