The Paris Agreement and the Energy Policies of the ASEAN Member States
Wednesday, 20 May 2020


Policy Brief


ASEAN Centre for Energy

Key Points

Messages for policy-makers

Taking into consideration the reviews of mitigation actions under the Paris Agreement and Decision1/cp.21, as well as the ASEAN joint statement on regional climate action and the first NDC submitted by the ASEAN Member States, energy policy and measures, are clearly key to climate change mitigation. The following are key messages for policy-makers:

  • The vital role of the energy sector in implementing the Paris Agreement is undeniable, and the energy sector will, therefore, be held accountable for realising the nationally determined contributions (NDCs).
  • Sustainable energy development and climate change mitigation are closely linked to each other. Thus, an effective climate change mitigation framework requires integration between energy and climate policies in realising the NDCs.
  • Energy policy-makers should be more active in dealing with climate change issues.
  • Effective coordination framework should be established to facilitate more interaction between energy and climate policy-makers.
  • The Paris Agreement is a global effort and requires that the NDCs be updated and communicated every five years. Their effects on emissions reduction will be compiled as part of the global stocktake assessment. Setting ambitious NDC targets with appropriate mitigation strategies will profile internationally the energy sector of each ASEAN Member State.
  • The APAEC (ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation) targets have been recognised as key strategies for regional climate action and were recorded in the ASEAN Joint Statement to the United Nations Climate Action Submit 2019. Thus, realising the APAEC targets will showcase the ASEAN Member States’ achievements internationally.
  • The aim of the Paris Agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ASEAN members’ energy systems must, therefore, move towards sustainable energy and decarbonisation.

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