Signs of Hope in 2023 towards a Low Carbon Economy and Net Zero Future
Thursday, 27 Apr 2023




Aldilla Noor Rakhiemah, Beni Suryadi, Muhammad Shidiq and I Dewa Made Raditya Margenta

Key Points

  • This Q1/2023 Climate Insights highlight ASEAN countries’ efforts to promote clean energy as part of a broader global movement towards sustainability.
  • In the beginning of the year, several ASEAN Member States (AMS) already displayed their commitment and aspiration for net zero with new policies and regulations supporting their energy objectives.
  • There is a rise in electric vehicles (EV) with several AMS providing incentives to the public for EV purchases, replacing their public transports to EV, and building new infrastructure to increase EV charging stations.
  • There is increasing international partnerships and collaborations in the region to accelerate the efforts towards net zero.

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