Moving beyond the NDCs: ASEAN Pathways to a Net-Zero Emissions Power Sector in 2050
Monday, 14 Feb 2022


Academic Paper


Kamia Handayani, Pinto Anugrah, Fadjar Goembira, Dr Indra Øverland, Beni Suryadi, Dr Akbar Swandaru


  • The assessment of ASEAN power sector pathways to net-zero emissions by 2050.

  • The NEMO optimisation framework of LEAP is used to integrate variable renewable energy.

  • Timely utilisation of ASEAN’s vast renewable energy resources is a key to achieving net-zero.

  • GHG emissions of the ASEAN power sector peak in 2029 and reach zero by 2050.

  • The net-zero power sector scenario involves an abatement cost of 12 USD/ton CO2e.

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