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Launching of ASEAN Gender-Energy Report: Development Finance


To support the inclusivity improvement, ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) through ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project (ACCEPT) has promoted the importance of women’s empowerment in the energy sector.  

Last year during the month of International Women’s Day, ACE gathered the perspectives of senior women government officials from the 10 ministries of energy in ASEAN. 

In 2022, the initiative is continued through the launch of the ASEAN Gender-Energy Report: Development Finance that explores the question ‘have the government and donor institutions provide enough support for energy development initiatives in ASEAN that consider gender element in its program?’.


  • Evaluate the funding received for gender and gender-energy related projects from 2010 to 2019 in ASEAN
  • This report also unravels the interplay between gender equality, energy access, and economic improvement, which is rarely discussed, especially in ASEAN
  • The report is expected to be used as a reference for ASEAN policymakers in planning the financial needs to achieve higher levels of gender equality in energy projects

This event is organised with the support of the ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project (ACCEPT). ACCEPT is the first energy cooperation project in collaboration with the Norwegian Government under the Norwegian-ASEAN Regional Integration Programme (NARIP). ACCEPT aims to support ASEAN in improving the coherence between the ASEAN energy and climate policies and contribute to more climate-friendly development of the energy sector. 

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28 Mar 2022



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