ARNECC Paper Talks – Net Zero Series #5


In accordance with attaining ASEAN’s net zero future, ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project Phase II (ACCEPT II) fully supports the dissemination of knowledge, strategies, and implementation plan to tackle climate change among ASEAN member states.

ARNECC Paper Talks is established to provide a broad and dynamic platform for any researchers to share their perspectives on energy-climate issues and seeking diverse opportunities to stream climate awareness through scientific approach.

Starting this year, ARNECC Paper Talks will emphasize on ASEAN Net Zero Future which will be our main regional target for future years ahead. Therefore, we proudly introduce you to the new season of cross-country webinar series: ARNECC Paper Talk 2.0 – Net Zero Series.

In light of climate change, the imperative to achieve net zero emissions for a sustainable future has become increasingly pressing. While the palm oil industry in Malaysia significantly contributes to the country’s economy, it has faced criticism due to its environmental impact, particularly in terms of sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions. Despite governmental efforts to promote sustainable palm oil production and emission reduction policies, there remains a need for a comprehensive mitigation strategy to address existing limitations and guide informed decision-making for performance improvement.

To address the limitations of the current framework, this study proposes an Integrated Mitigation Strategy Model which incorporates established frameworks of Palm Oil Mill Carbon Accounting (POMCFA) and Sustainability Index (POMSI). This model has been developed based on the superstructure approach, considering a set of mitigation options to improve weak indicators identified through assessments.

Uncover the details of the methods used in this study and join Dr Nabila Farhana Jamaludin from Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Veronica Ayu Pangestika from ASEAN Centre for Energy in a fruitful discussion on:

ARNECC Paper Talks – Net Zero Series #5

A holistic mitigation model for net zero emissions in the palm oil industry

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Date: Thursday, 28 March 2024

Time: 02.00 PM (GMT +7)

Place: Zoom



28 Mar 2024



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