In accordance with attaining ASEAN’s net zero future, ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project Phase II (ACCEPT II) fully supports the dissemination of knowledge, strategies, and implementation plan to tackle climate change among ASEAN member states.

ARNECC Paper Talks is established to provide a broad and dynamic platform for any researchers to share their perspectives on energy-climate issues and seeking diverse opportunities to stream climate awareness through scientific approach.

Starting this year, ARNECC Paper Talks will emphasize on ASEAN Net Zero Future which will be our main regional target for future years ahead. Therefore, we proudly introduce you to the new season of cross-country webinar series: ARNECC Paper Talk 2.0 – Net Zero Series.

Decarbonizing the ASEAN region necessitates a concerted effort towards the development and implementation of clean energy technologies, aimed at mitigating fossil fuel consumption. However, prevailing policies and initiatives demonstrate a shortfall in aligning with the ambitious targets outlined in the Paris Agreement. This dissonance is further complicated by the varying stages of carbon emission evolution among nations, typified by a progression akin to the S-shape curve. As countries navigate these diverse trajectories, a unified commitment to sustainable energy solutions becomes imperative in steering the region towards a greener and more resilient future.

In this opportunity, Ms. Indira Pradnyaswari from the ASEAN Centre for Energy will moderate the disscusion with Dr Lingfei Weng and Dr Yang Hu of Chongqing University China on:

Net-zero energy transition in ASEAN countries: The evolutionary model brings novel perspectives to the cooperative mechanism of climate governance 

Save the date as this webinar will take place:

Date: 29 February 2024

Time: 02.00 PM (GMT +7)

Place: Zoom

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