ARNECC Paper Talks 2.0 – Net Zero Series #2


In accordance with attaining ASEAN’s net zero future, ASEAN Climate Change and Energy Project Phase II (ACCEPT II) fully supports the dissemination of knowledge, strategies, and implementation plan to tackle climate change among ASEAN member states.

ARNECC Paper Talks is established to provide a broad and dynamic platform for any researchers to share their perspectives on energy-climate issues and seeking diverse opportunities to stream climate awareness through scientific approach.

Starting this year, ARNECC Paper Talks will emphasize on ASEAN Net Zero Future which will be our main regional target for future years ahead. Therefore, we proudly introduce you to the new season of cross-country webinar series: ARNECC Paper Talk 2.0 – Net Zero Series.

The second episode will explore more on the relevancies between EV and Net Zero emission. To be specific, this session will deep dive on transportation sector and its strategies in achieving net zero. The webinar will be delivered by Dr Ibham Veza from Universiti Teknologi Petronas. He recently published his journal article entitled “Electric vehicle (EV) and driving towards sustainability: Comparison between EV, HEV, PHEV, and ICE vehicles to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 from EV”. The 45-minutes webinar session will be moderated by Mardika Firlina from ASEAN Centre for Energy.

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30 Nov 2023



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