Climate Actions Started to Blossom in Various Fronts Amid the Prolonged Covid-19 Winter
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020




Muhammad Rizki Kresnawan, Rika Safrina, Zulfikar Yurnaidi

Key Points

  • The Covid-19 pandemic is still ravaging the region, well into the third quarter of 2020. Struggling to patch the economic bust, ASEAN countries are churning out policies of economic recovery. Amid the struggle, we have seen potential climate actions blossoming in the region. As one of the most climate-vulnerable regions, the region started to get ready with more robust policies and strengthened commitments against climate change.
  • In policy front, as stronger climate policies are designed to be implemented in line with long-term green recovery. Proven to be resilient against disaster, renewable energy continues to be developed and proven to be resilient amid the pandemic. Climate actions also span innovative technologies and measures, creative campaigns, international supports. Although the end of the pandemic remains uncertain, we are surely positive that the hopes for ASEAN climate are still there.
  • ASEAN countries could accelerate their progress in reaching their climate targets, provided by adequate measures from different sectors. We’ve seen many innovative technologies and measures, keys to accelerate climate action. These include stronger policy frameworks in the government, innovative solutions from the industry, creative campaigns from media and individuals, and optimising international green support in the region.

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