Building a coherent understanding of energy-climate nexus in energy planning and modelling

Jakarta, 1 October 2020

On Thursday, 1 October 2020, ACCEPT’s research analyst, Mr. Muhammad Rizki Kresnawan, was invited as a guest lecturer in a knowledge sharing session on energy planning in one of the Master Program at Gadjah Mada University, namely Master of Systems Engineering. This initiative was instigated under the “Renewable Energy-Based Area Development” course, which aimed to build a coherent understanding of energy planning and modelling to the enrolled graduate students through the webinar session.

Through his experiences on the ASEAN energy outlook development, Mr Rizki has shared a fundamental understanding of energy planning, including the standard definition, approach, and the purpose of having a well-designed energy planning and modelling, as well as the urgency of having un-siloed planning and modelling concept between energy and climate sector.

During the webinar, three main concerns highlighted on what makes energy planning and modelling important in developing the energy system. The first is to analyse the situation. It is crucial to understand how the current energy supply and demand situation and what the future looks like when demand is growing. Second is to learn some implications on emitted emissions as well as the energy needed from the demand-side. Third, is to shape the best policies and/or regulations that suit the best with the current situation, especially when there is a target to be achieved.

At the end of his presentation, Mr Rizki concluded that energy Planning is crucial to prepare the energy demand as well as the supply. Hence the institution that usually responsible for planning the future energy landscape will do the energy modelling as well to see the implications and possibilities on what will happen in the future. The result from the modelling can be analysed as a fundamental framework in shaping the policies and regulations that suit them best. (MRK)

Photo Credit: Ahmad Agus Setiawan


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