ASEAN at COP 28: Affirming the Net-Zero Commitment
Friday, 26 Jan 2024







ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)

  • ASEAN’s Climate Commitments: Post-COP 28, ASEAN affirms its dedication to sustainable energy and climate action, with member states like Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and others setting ambitious goals, including net-zero emissions, and increased renewable energy capacity.
  • National Strategies at COP 28: Member states presented high-level statements at COP 28 outlining their commitments and strategies for energy transition and climate resilience. Examples include Malaysia’s 45% reduction in GHG emissions and Singapore’s net-zero emissions target by 2050.
  • Global Collaboration: ASEAN plays a prominent role in global climate dialogue, participating in pledges such as tripling renewable energy capacity to 11TW by 2030 and joining initiatives like the Global Cooling Pledge to reduce emissions from refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Coal Transition Initiatives: Indonesia and Malaysia joined initiatives in Coal Transition Accelerator and Powering Past Coal Alliance, focusing on just transitions from coal to clean energy through funding strategies and risk evaluation.
  • Path Forward for ASEAN:  a multifaceted approach for ASEAN’s climate initiatives is needed, emphasizing elements in regional cooperation, innovation, technology investment, capacity building, public awareness, and ensuring an inclusive and just transition. Success depends on effective implementation, with ASEAN aiming to lead global climate efforts.

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