ARNECC Paper Talks #11


The 11th episode of ARNECC Paper Talks will discuss the topic of “Techno-enviro-economic analyses of hydrogen supply chains with an ASEAN case study”. This paper was published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. This study presents a holistic study of various options for transporting (not producing) hydrogen from both techno-economic and environmental perspectives. The output can be used to select the most favourable hydrogen transport carrier based on energy penalty of hydrogen supply chain, carbon avoidance and landed cost of hydrogen under different scenarios.

The author, Prof Iftekhar A Karimi, will present the key findings and recommendations of this study. And Dr Jenny Rizkiana will share his thought to enrich the discussion. We are pleased to invite you to join this talk!


  • Prof. Iftekhar A Karimi – Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at National University of Singapore
  • Dr Jenny Rizkiana – Assistant Professor of Faculty of Industrial technology at Institute Bandung of Technology


01 Mar 2022



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